About The Artist


EELmatic is quickly becoming a high-level presence shortly after hitting the mainstream music scene in 2022. Whether with his own chart topping production with one of the worlds most prominent artists, Rod Wave, or with ballads of his own, he is gaining the likes of many.

Thanks to his warm-hearted, transparent, vulnerable style, and his personal heartfelt touch with songwriting, each one of his albums -- from 2020 "I Love You" to 2023's 90s-00s hip-hop/r&b/-influenced "Melodies from Miami" - - is gaining traction worldwide. While initially EELmatic was virally known as ex-UPS driver to touring pianist for Rod Wave's 2021 Soul Fly tour, ELmatic gained the likes of Rod Wave and his label Hit House Entertainment for his singing and songwriting talents. He shortly after signed with Hit House Entertainment after releasing his 3rd solo EP "Drunk Words, Sober Thoughts". EELmatic's latest and most popular release, "Melodies from Miami" album, narrates both the pain he discovered when searching for love, and the pain he's caused to women who he's loved. 2023 will be one to follow EELmatic

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Everybody can’t come with you. That’s just how it plays out, the real one’s gonna be there, the fake one’s gonna fade out.

EELmatic "Melodies From Miami"